Let The Official Training Begin!

Last year I made a decision to sign up and participate in a 18.6 mile Ruck March. At the time I was very excited to add this to my Bucket List. I have been running (turtle, that I am) for several years. My longest distance has been 13.1 miles, but that was a couple years ago! I have never done this distance, ever. Oh sure I’ve hiked, but not carrying any weight. What was I thinking! The Ruck is in Colorado, I found out about it a bit by accident last year when I went to visit my daughter. When I found out at the completion of the Ruck you receive a Norwegian medal, presented to you by a retired Norwegian officer.  I got super stoked! My Dad is of Norwegian decent and my cousin Floyd instigated my joining the local Sons of Norway Lodge. I am the Sports Director for my local lodge and I have earned various medals for walking, running and biking. You might think I’m physically fit, I’m not, but I am very determined! I also found out 100% of this Ruck helps our Veterans it was a win/win and easy decision. Clearly I wasn’t thinking anything about how hard this would be on my body, especially my feet.

I will be carrying 25lbs of food on my back that will be donated to the Homeless Veterans of Colorado. My daughter lives in Colorado. BONUS I get to spend time with her! She will be my support system for the day.

March 4th was my official first day of training. I had started doing small training rucks late last year to see if I was capable of doing this. At the time, I won’t say it seemed like a “piece of cake”, but I was pretty sure I could do it. I knew I would be in pain for a good part of the ruck. It’s a lot of weight and my feet are not in the best condition, but I was determined!

Below was an entry from my Facebook page to share with my friends and family that first official day of training.

“Oatmeal to fuel the body, Today I’ll be shooting for my longest ruck to date, 6 miles. There’s a dusting of snow on the ground. The majority of my longest rucks will be on Saturdays from now until the end of May.  Gotta eat and shower first! Can’t go out dirty to sweat! Ruck on! No one should go hungry!”

I’ve decided to blog about this journey. I have been blogging for some time now, and last year I used up most of my space with my accomplishment of doing one new thing every day for a year, so I’ve started this “Take Two” page, because I still remain the Turtle and my thoughts are  generally an “accident waiting to happen”. Hope you will join me on my journey.

The Turtle